the value of diversity

With so many companies now also in Europe focusing more on more on diversity it’s good to get some updated figures that are less Anglo-Saxon based. It is great to read that McKinsey at the beginning of this year explained why diversity matters, and Deloitte writing that leaders needs to be inclusive in a report of May 2015. But for smaller organisations to buy in to the concept and see the possibilities of diversity I believe examples on local level are more convincing. Azita Shariati, the CEO of Sodexo in Sweden is a good role model for many. Read an interview with her in Swedish. Under her command the company has increased its number of female managers from 14 to 46% in 4 years. Or the research Youssef Boutachekourt did in the Netherlands where he showed that companies can get a clear competitive advantage if they hire people from different ethnic backgrounds, have good networks in the multicultural society and offer diversified products. It can be as easy as a car company in central Sweden seeing its sales go up dramatically by hiring sales people with different backgrounds. So yes investing in diversity does pay off!