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facebook discovers cultures emotionally deal with posts differently

Last Friday, April 26, 2013, Facebook launched a series of new smileys, or emoticons, 16 animated faces with expressions such as happy, surprise and grateful to give to users of facebook a tool to express feelings. In the Swedish Newspaper Svenska Dagbladet of 30 April 2013 the journalist Agneta Lagercrantz describes the research Facebook has … Continue reading

How intercultural skills are considered, assessed and developed in the modern workplace.

Research shows that there is real business value in employing staff who have the ability to work effectively with individuals and organisations from cultural backgrounds different from their own. A survey conducted by the British Council, Booz Allen Hamilton and Ipsos Public Affairs, of HR managers at 367 large employers in nine countries: Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Jordan, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates … Continue reading

Knowledge = Power

Knowledge = power in PDI+ cultures. How challenging this is when knowledge is available everywhere for everyone 24/7. Insight from #HIMC — Gigi de Groot (@gigidegroot) March 13, 2013


If you are interested in globalization or comparative cultures you will want to buy and read this book. It has been my guide since 1996 when I read it for the first time. Hofstede‘s research is the most scientifically valid research in the field of culture and management. Cultures and Organizations: Software of the Mind, … Continue reading