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Diversity programs failing?

In the July 2016 issue of the HBR the cover article stated that diversity programs fail. Explosive stuff for someone in my field. And my first reaction was a defensive one. Are you telling me that the work I do doesn’t seem to have any effect? Reading the article I realised once more there is … Continue reading

Trust, the base of everything

No matter if I am working with doctors, global project managers, scrum masters, the women immigrated to Sweden from the Middle East or Africa, accountants, it doesn’t matter most of the time their issues deal with trust. In the past as a leader for a global organization I believed trust was something I build up … Continue reading

Embracing the diversity of human beings

Embracing the diversity of human beings you will find a surer way to true happiness. Gladwell about pasta sauce. A fantastic TED talk of a couple of years ago, but nevertheless very useful to look at culture and cultural diversity from a different angle. Hofstede says it is not about right or wrong it is … Continue reading

It’s not the experience, it’s the reflection

I am attending Thiagi ‘s interactive training strategies course these days. It offers lots of good practical tools. One of today’s learning is about experiences through games, exercise, simulations etc. It’s actually not the experience that offers learning, it’s the reflection that follows the experience. Thiagi shared six phases for debriefing: – How do you … Continue reading

Intercultural facilitation techniques

In May I attended the faciliteringsdagarna in Gothenburg. Two highly interactive and inspiring days with plenary sessions and smaller workshops. All sessions had a link to facilitation and the over 100 participants all had experience with facilitation either in their roles as leaders, project managers, or consultants. The atmosphere was one of sharing and giving … Continue reading