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Making corporate learning work

Thinking back to my course earlier this Spring at Hyper Island on Digital Change, I see prove in this article of the European Business Review that the education industry is missing the boat towards the new era. The authors state that corporate learning is just not working as it should, and has not been for … Continue reading

Social media and cultural change

In her blog Hannakaisa Länsisalmi writes few companies actually succeed in turning their informal, social networks into drivers of behavioral and cultural change with success, despite the high rate of “connectedness” via social networks. She describes how individuals who connect people and teams in organizations can drive cultural change. Her five steps how to reach … Continue reading

Five routes to more innovative problem solving

Teams of smart people from different backgrounds are more likely to come up with fresh ideas more quickly than individuals or like-minded groups do (Lu Hong and Scott Page, “Groups of diverse problem solvers can outperform groups of high-ability problem solvers,” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2004, … Continue reading

Creativity & Innovation

I can really recommend these 27 creativity & innovation tools of various commonly used techniques in creativity, innovation, research & development processes.The techniques are grouped by: – Diverging & Converging techniques – Open & Closed challenges / problems – Products & Services situations – Individual & Group techniques Thanks Ramon Vullings & Marc Heleven for … Continue reading

Into the heart of meetings

A former colleague of mine Mike van der Vijver recently published together with Eric de Groot a book on the basic principles of meeting design. The book describes several aspects of meetings large and small and is full of practical examples and tips. And for sure an eye-opener on how to set up your meetings … Continue reading