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Diversity programs failing?

In the July 2016 issue of the HBR the cover article stated that diversity programs fail. Explosive stuff for someone in my field. And my first reaction was a defensive one. Are you telling me that the work I do doesn’t seem to have any effect? Reading the article I realised once more there is … Continue reading

saying sorry across cultures

Fernando Lanzer recently published on LinkedIn a blog I highly recommend if you want to understand the cultural aspects of apologies better. Like everything in life, culture has a strong influence on the meaning of saying you feel sorry, or asking for an apology. It might come as a surprise, to some, but an apology … Continue reading

Key Strategic Leadership Challenges

In EY Performance Journal of November 2013 an article is published on key strategic leadership challenges in high-growth markets. It concludes that only those executives who understand the challenges in what used to be called emerging markets will be able to design effective strategic leadership approaches there. One of the issues addressed is that many Western companies experience severe leadership problems … Continue reading

International culturally sensitive surveys

Via afriend who works in the hotel business I received this link on cross-country differences in hotel guest satisfaction. A research across 8 countries with almost 200.000 people showed clear differences people of some countries expressing lower levels of satisfaction than those in other countries.The implications of the findings are that country differences must be … Continue reading