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Showing off has never been part of the Volvo brand

Safe, solid and understated in a Swedish way, or a wannabe luxury brand according to a Chinese taste for excess and ‘bling’: that’s the debate causing ripples at the top of Volvo Car. This article describes the dillema Volvo is facing in finding the right balance between conquering the Chinese market or staying true to … Continue reading

Localizations by a global giant

IKEA, the Swedish furniture giant is known for its Swedishness across the world. From Singapore to Chile to Italy and Iceland everywhere you can eat Swedish meatballs at the IKEA restaurant. Furniture across their locations have Swedish names such as “kramig” (huggable) for a panda bear toy. Those who have work experience at IKEA across … Continue reading

Leaders who make the mix work

Harvard Business Review published an interesting article this month on companies who invest in diversity. Some good quotes from the article: People with different lifestyles and different backgrounds challenge each other more. Diversity creates dissent, and you need that. Without it, you’re not going to get any deep inquiry or breakthroughs. A diverse workforce also … Continue reading

Being a woman in India

With another rape in India, of a young female photographer this time, the discussion about the position of women in India is getting more intense by the day. One of the top stories on CNN this week is “Sexual harassment in India: The story you never wanted to hear“. Michaela Cross, an American student at the … Continue reading

Disconnect to connect

Recently I discovered a beautiful commercial from Dtac, a Thai mobile phone operator. The commercial’s title is “Disconnect to connect” and shows people too busy with their phones  to notice the people around them. The commercial then shows what happens if you turn off your phone and see the world around you. Very nice message from a company … Continue reading