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Culture at the office

In 2009, when I still worked as the CEO of itim international, we were contacted by Steelcase. Steelcase is a global office furniture company and they were doing research into the different use of office space across the world. A very interesting topic that already in 2000 fascinated me when I read Jurriaan van Meel’s … Continue reading

Work, management and welfare in Scandinavia

Refering to my post about the riots in Stockholm, this might be an interesting book to read. Åke Sandberg the author of the book says it iss about work, organisation, management and welfare in Scandina­via, in the Nordic countries: management fashions, New Public Management (NPM), Business Process Reengineering (BPR), Lean Production, challenges for trade unions, … Continue reading

It’s not the experience, it’s the reflection

I am attending Thiagi ‘s interactive training strategies course these days. It offers lots of good practical tools. One of today’s learning is about experiences through games, exercise, simulations etc. It’s actually not the experience that offers learning, it’s the reflection that follows the experience. Thiagi shared six phases for debriefing: – How do you … Continue reading

Making corporate learning work

Thinking back to my course earlier this Spring at Hyper Island on Digital Change, I see prove in this article of the European Business Review that the education industry is missing the boat towards the new era. The authors state that corporate learning is just not working as it should, and has not been for … Continue reading