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Following laws the Swedish way

The header “Swedish authorities made the Ice hotel install fire alarms” caught my attention.  This famous hotel rebuilt every winter in northern Sweden using only ice, will this year for the first time install fire alarms. The Ice Hotel is following a request by authorities to guarantee the safety of its guests.Hotel spokeswoman Beatrice Karlsson … Continue reading

Showing off has never been part of the Volvo brand

Safe, solid and understated in a Swedish way, or a wannabe luxury brand according to a Chinese taste for excess and ‘bling’: that’s the debate causing ripples at the top of Volvo Car. This article describes the dillema Volvo is facing in finding the right balance between conquering the Chinese market or staying true to … Continue reading

Localizations by a global giant

IKEA, the Swedish furniture giant is known for its Swedishness across the world. From Singapore to Chile to Italy and Iceland everywhere you can eat Swedish meatballs at the IKEA restaurant. Furniture across their locations have Swedish names such as “kramig” (huggable) for a panda bear toy. Those who have work experience at IKEA across … Continue reading

Personal values in Sweden – a research

Recently the 2013 edition of an annual research on Swedish values and attitudes in society at large and at the workplace has been published. The research is an initative by Preera, Skandia, Volvo IT and Swedish Municipalities. It is unfortunately in Swedish, but I will give a very short summary of what the top 10 … Continue reading

Work, management and welfare in Scandinavia

Refering to my post about the riots in Stockholm, this might be an interesting book to read. Åke Sandberg the author of the book says it iss about work, organisation, management and welfare in Scandina­via, in the Nordic countries: management fashions, New Public Management (NPM), Business Process Reengineering (BPR), Lean Production, challenges for trade unions, … Continue reading