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Disconnect to connect

Recently I discovered a beautiful commercial from Dtac, a Thai mobile phone operator. The commercial’s title is “Disconnect to connect” and shows people too busy with their phones  to notice the people around them. The commercial then shows what happens if you turn off your phone and see the world around you. Very nice message from a company … Continue reading

Embracing the diversity of human beings

Embracing the diversity of human beings you will find a surer way to true happiness. Gladwell about pasta sauce. A fantastic TED talk of a couple of years ago, but nevertheless very useful to look at culture and cultural diversity from a different angle. Hofstede says it is not about right or wrong it is … Continue reading

Culture at the office

In 2009, when I still worked as the CEO of itim international, we were contacted by Steelcase. Steelcase is a global office furniture company and they were doing research into the different use of office space across the world. A very interesting topic that already in 2000 fascinated me when I read Jurriaan van Meel’s … Continue reading

Knowledge = Power

Knowledge = power in PDI+ cultures. How challenging this is when knowledge is available everywhere for everyone 24/7. Insight from #HIMC — Gigi de Groot (@gigidegroot) March 13, 2013


If you are interested in globalization or comparative cultures you will want to buy and read this book. It has been my guide since 1996 when I read it for the first time. Hofstede‘s research is the most scientifically valid research in the field of culture and management. Cultures and Organizations: Software of the Mind, … Continue reading